Do you like traveling? Most people would answer: Sure!! , right? Who could say no???
When someone asks me if I enjoy traveling, I say yes, but I am thinking about a specific kind of travel. Usually people need to travel for work, or you can go two or three days to visit another city near your home, or for example, now that I live in San Francisco I have needed to fly to visit my relatives and friends. Obviously those thing are travel; in my case, visiting my family takes me a looooong trip, but this is not the kind of travel that I want to talk about.
Traveling is at least a special trip. Sometimes it is not necessary to go to a foreign country, but for me a good trip is one that changes you a little bit. Successful travel is when you come back home and your thoughts and judgments are different.
In my opinion to travel is a very important and deep experience. It is not something that you only want to do for vacations. No, it is something more. Traveling is a way to understand life. For me travel is something that I do out of necessity.
We would say that almost all necessities are created. Friends, family, the education system, the media and now social media, all of them build and create a necessity inside us, and finally we consider that there are things that are totally important and essential. We need these things to continue with our regular lives. For me travel is like an addiction, I am pretty sure that I need it…


I think the person who is responsible is my mother. She is guilty of giving me the idea that travel is indispensable in life. Since very early in my childhood she has carried me around the world. Going to different countries she has taught me values like tolerance, solidarity, or respect. With those journeys she has offered me the possibility to know and learn from other cultures. I feel very happy and lucky to have had these experiences. I am who I am because of these trips. they have enriched me as a person.
For this reason, I think travel is more than something that you do for fun. it is something more important. Traveling is the chance to take
a break, and also take a breath. Traveling offers me a moment to observe and think about my routine and how different it is between that new scenario. It is a possibility to go away and have a new perspective.
I think that one special trip could change me a lot, and I love that. I enjoy those kinds of emotions I always want to experience this kind of feeling. In my regular life I need that. To escape and go to another reality where I feel strange and different. Having the opportunity to stop, and watch.


Have you ever thought about having super powers? What kind of power would you prefer? Invisibility would be cool, or maybe super-strength.
I remember when I was a child, when I was 4 or 5 years old. I used to play being Firestar (this is a translation from the Spanish version of Estrella de fuego). If you are close to my age, you should remember the TV show: Spiderman and their friends! Do you?

On the show Spiderman had two friends: Iceman and the Firestar. The man ice powers obviously were to throw ice and snow, and control different cold things. In contrast, the girl, Firestar, had the power to control fire. The three of them together were invincible.
I don’t remember too much from the show, but I have good memories of my friends and I playing during recess. We jumped and ran through the whole playground, screaming and laughing! It was a great, happy life.
I think everybody would like to be a hero. At least everybody has dreamed to have a superpower.
Books, movies, tv shows: all of them show different characters with superpowers. It is a very useful strategy. Create a character with the ability to fly, or read minds and the public will love it! Spiderman, Mystique, Superman, Catwoman, Arrow, Thor, Captain America… their stories are nothing without their power! and are you asking, and Batman?? well, Batman has more of a real power: money, and Alfred of course. Everyone knows that Alfred is the real power, Batman’s secret weapon!
Usually I say that Batman is my favorite superhero because he is the unique superhero that I can aspire to be. I only need to find my particular Alfred!
However, here the discussion is: which power would you prefer to have? I remember when Adrià asked me this for the first time. I said something very superficial, something like superstrength. Now my answer is more complex, and more reflective. After thinking about it I think that I have my definite answer: I want the power to touch people and learn all that they know. I don’t want to steal; I only want to copy their abilities and knowledge. And an important point is that I want to forget when it is not necessary for me anymore. This part is important because everybody knows that too much information can hurt the brain ;) Yes, this is my ideal superpower. Maybe someday the technology will permit that, like with a chip…. What do you think? what is your power? Continua llegint »

One more

(I wrote that yesterday)

Today is my birthday/ I turned 29!! Oooh, I am at thirty’s door!

I have to confess something. Yesterday I did not want to celebrate it. I was pretty sad. Well sad is not the right word… I don’t know how to say it. I did not feel as happy as other years.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to do anything special or different for my birthday. I only wanted to speak with my family and my closest friends, and probably go for a good dinner with Adria.

But I have started the day with different thoughts. This morning I woke up and I saw some messages from my friends and my family. Of course by e-mail, Facebook, Watsapp… (Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has had a big contribution in my social live, and “he” makes my distance relationship with my people much easier). Anyway, I have received this kinds of wonderful messages all day and my mood has been changing.

In this exact moment, just before the end of the day, I can say that I feel very happy. I am really happy, and ready to start another year!!!cumple

In this blog I have explained my birthday experiences; once I celebrated it in Nepal, and it was legendary, for example.

Today I want to write because I want to say thank you, and to express my gratitude to my family and my friends. I repeat, but I feel very happy to know how much people are near to my heart.

Because, I am happy I want to use this kind of special day, that is my birthday, to say thank you to all you guys! Among this Y’all (Texas style) are people who love me, and think about me. You know who you are.

Thanksfor share your time and your life with me. Now, there is a huge distance between us, but not even that changes anything. Well, maybe it is not true, and some things have changed, but in my opinion those changes are good, really good, actually. I think now I can appreciate more each time that I can spend with you, and I have learned what is really important in a relationship. Again, thanks for having the patience or learning with me!

Also thanks for encouraging me each time that I needed it, and I will need it. Thanks for the chats in whatsapp or skype (ok I want a commission for this free advertisement) Thanks for sending me a spontaneous song or a picture from your routine. Thanks for listening to me, I know I can speak a lot, and sometimes it is difficult! Really I appreciate your ability to listen, and help me with a wise advice!

I am happy! I feel like a very lucky person. Thank you for allowing me to grow up near you. Thanks for teaching me, inspiring me and overall thank you for loving me!

Aaah, and obviously thank you for sharing with me accomplices smiles!!! See you in limbo ;)

And after this creamy and over-sweetened writing, I am going to bed. Good night. I love you guys!

Still life

For a while I have had a couple of hours for lunch (a totally Spanish schedule), and if the weather is good I go to Patricia’s Park, in Hayes Street. It is a pretty spot. There is a small park, a little place for children, a zone with tables perfect to sit with friends, and small area of grass, an that always looks good.

Next to the park there is an ice cream shop, I have never tried their ice cream, but it must be good, because it is always full, and usually there is a line. If you sit there for a while, you will see several people with ice cream in their hands, it doesn’t matter when, February or August, even if it is raining…

Today the weather was so good. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I have come for a couple months, and now it is necessary in my routine. I love it!

My routine is the following: First, to find a good place where I can eat comfortably, because even though I like this park, I can not understand the kind of benches. As you can see in the picture, they does not look like a place where you can sit for a long time.


They are very uncomfortable, my back needs a place to rest! So, finding a good spot is important, and if I don’t find a bench, a good one, I prefer to sit on the grass. After that I can start to eat.

Menu of the day: Asparagus , mushrooms, and rice. A piece of cheese and some prunes for dessert. Mmmmm, looks good enough to be a bag lunch!

During my lunch I listen to the radio, in fact I listen to Vaughan radio, if you don’t know about it and you want to learn English you should listen to it. It is very good, so do it!

Good weather, good lunch, radio, what else can I ask for? For me these days are perfect, they are ideal for my break during the job.

I need to add another thing that I enjoy. Watching people, hehehe. I think this is one of my favorite sports: to observe people and try to guess what they are thinking about, or what their jobs are, or why they are here. In this way the time goes enjoyably…

Right now I am wearing (starting from my feet): My new and black gumboots, black tights, jeans skirt, a red shirt with stars, that  is one of my favorite piaces, and another piece in my top 10 is a black sweater with ladybug bottoms.

It has been raining for a few days, and today is one of this gray days in San Francisco when you need happiness. I think the red color looks good on me, so I decided to wear a red color. Maybe it cheer me up happy.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed with colorful clothes. I think there are fun and happy. Actually during High School I dressed a little different than most of my classmates. In Barcelona, between ’95-2000 there was a ‘special’ fashion along the teenagers. It was called ‘pelaos, bakalas, killos…’, in my opinion was the most terrible fashion in the history. I didn’t dress like that, and the consequence was that they call me ‘the hippy’, but I didn’t want to focus on that…

As I said, I like colorful clothes. I don’t want to look like a rainbow, but I need a spot of color in my dress. Another thing that I like when I buy clothe is spots ans stripes, in general whatever picture is welcome. When I was younger all my pants were striped, all of them! Even though I still love this kind of clothes, now I dress more sobertly. Maybe I got mature… My clouthes are more serious.

In fact, since I started working, the kind of job has been important factor to decide to change, my style, a little bit.

In my first job I worked with children, and obviously wearing new or expensive clothes is not good idea. Actually, I had never woren expensive clothes… Whatever, when you work with children you know which is the best choise: jeans, old and comfortable jerseys, and sport shoes, for sure!!

After several years working with children and teenagers, I started to work with adults, as a teacher. I wanted to look like someone with standards. For this reason I bought some black and gray clothes. There were boring and sad clothes, also it was a mistake. I didn’t feel comfortable. Now that, I had passed for different phases, and finally I feel very good with about style.

If you are still reading, probably you are thinking: Why is she talking about this stupid thing? Well, I have two reasons. First, because I want to practice my English, and if I want to write every week, my creative is not good enough to creativity very interesting things. Second, because today I took a picture for my new passport, and this photo will be with me for 5 years, I need to look great! :)

No more coffee

Today I had a break in my work schedule. Usually I use this time to prepare classes, but today I decided to go to a coffee shop and take a breath.

There, I realized that I have not drunk coffee for two years. I have been thinking for a while about the reason, and I have to say that the main reason is because I hate asking for a coffee in a coffee shop, in the US.

In Barcelona it is easy, you have different options, simple options: un cafè amb llet, un tallat, un cafè sol o un cigaló (if you are older thant 50 or you feel like one) Maybe you can see someone asking for splenda instead of sugar, or very rarely someone asks for soymilk (probably this person is allergic to lactose). However, the process to get a coffee is easy and the rules are clear. You only need to follow three easy steps:

Firstt: Order

Second: Waiter doesn’t ask you anything (very important step)

Third: A few minutes later you have your coffee, that’s it!

Until I arrived in San Francisco, I thought that asking for coffee was simple, easy and relaxing. Ordering a coffee was a confortable trade, a bargain! I got relaxed without a lot of effort. I could enjoy a good, hight-quality moment, without hurting my brain.


 In Barcelona I had had some incidents, but I can say that my relationship with coffee was  good, but after I landed in San Francisco. I put a foot in a coffee shop and it was the  beginning of the end…

 - May I have a coffee with milk, please? (Now, I know the right way to get a ‘cafe amb llet’, this is: “A latte”, but in that moment I had literal translation, you know, my English…)

 I had said my sentece, and I waited. I was ready to pay; suddenly something happened.  The waiter asked me:

 - brisdkjfnskdjvnskjdhfkxmcvn (well, probably he said: small or large?)

- what??? ( another thing that I have learned, to say “what” is not the best way to ask for patient. People will be nicer withyou if you say: Can you repeat please?, or Sorry? or Say again, please… The “Queee???” of my whole life is only in my memories)

The waiter noticed that I was a forigner and he repeated the question, after my “yes…?”, he decied to stop asking and he collected my money. ( $3,65 by the way! the “cafè amb llet” a 1,20€” is part of my old life too)

I tried a few times later that day. I trained myself for different questions, and I thought that I had the answers: small, non fat milk, no foam… but always I got frozen.

I was sweating each time I wanted a coffee, and that situation wasn’t good for me and my confidence (everybody knows that is very important to feel comfortable when you are learning a language). As I said, my relationship with coffee wasn’t goos for while, when suddenly the solution appears. Thanks Paloma! I just discovered Chai Latte!! (For sure, it wasn’t an accident)

How could I live before without Chai? Definitely, I decided to give up coffee, and become a ChaiLover!

Since I made that decision my live has been easy, again. Now I enjoy going to a coffe shop, again.

It is incredible, really, time is something very strange. I have lived in San Francisco for almost two years, and my last post was one year ago. Actually it was 16 months ago!! I cannot believe it.  time flies!!!

This blog started because I wanted to explain my travels, afterwards it became a space where I throw up some feelings and ideas. After two years, my life has changed a lot, and I didn’t know how to redirect this space, and finally I have been allowing it to die away…

If you know and “follow” me, you must have noticed that I am not a constant person. This blog shows perfectly my inconstant personality. I like to learn new things. I love to start whatever project. I feel attraction for almost anything, so I am a very curious person. But the problem is… that I think I lose interest very quickly. Actually this is not totally true. When I am being realistic, I realize  the crux of the matter is that if something isn’t still interesting, or something doesn’t offer me the same gratification than in the beginning I don’t care any more…

When I arrived in San Francisco I wanted to speak about my new life here. This blog was the best method to explain to my family and friends my daily experience. In the beginning I was very excited to explain my impressions about the city, and show you my adventures and my findings. But, as I said, my lack of persistent won and I have not written for 16 months! Sorry…

Today I have a new motivation; well, it is not exactly a motivation, but it is most like a urgent necessity! After living two years in San Francisco, obviously my English has improved. Despite this change, my English is still not good; it is not good enough. And this is my motivation to start to write again. During this time I have been trying different things: group classes, private classes, conversation pal, watching movies…. but like with my blog, I didn’t put all my attention into them.I was unambitious, and I didn’t have a main goal, but now I am determined. I will kill two birds with one shot.

image (1)

I have to confess that I am ashamed to write this, and I feel very embarrassed to write in English because I feel like a child when I speak in English… But I need to do it, and I should do it,  so today starts a new day. I will try to make sure that LazyLidia doesn’t appear.



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