Statement of intent

It is incredible, really, time is something very strange. I have lived in San Francisco for almost two years, and my last post was one year ago. Actually it was 16 months ago!! I cannot believe it.  time flies!!!

This blog started because I wanted to explain my travels, afterwards it became a space where I throw up some feelings and ideas. After two years, my life has changed a lot, and I didn’t know how to redirect this space, and finally I have been allowing it to die away…

If you know and “follow” me, you must have noticed that I am not a constant person. This blog shows perfectly my inconstant personality. I like to learn new things. I love to start whatever project. I feel attraction for almost anything, so I am a very curious person. But the problem is… that I think I lose interest very quickly. Actually this is not totally true. When I am being realistic, I realize  the crux of the matter is that if something isn’t still interesting, or something doesn’t offer me the same gratification than in the beginning I don’t care any more…

When I arrived in San Francisco I wanted to speak about my new life here. This blog was the best method to explain to my family and friends my daily experience. In the beginning I was very excited to explain my impressions about the city, and show you my adventures and my findings. But, as I said, my lack of persistent won and I have not written for 16 months! Sorry…

Today I have a new motivation; well, it is not exactly a motivation, but it is most like a urgent necessity! After living two years in San Francisco, obviously my English has improved. Despite this change, my English is still not good; it is not good enough. And this is my motivation to start to write again. During this time I have been trying different things: group classes, private classes, conversation pal, watching movies…. but like with my blog, I didn’t put all my attention into them.I was unambitious, and I didn’t have a main goal, but now I am determined. I will kill two birds with one shot.

image (1)

I have to confess that I am ashamed to write this, and I feel very embarrassed to write in English because I feel like a child when I speak in English… But I need to do it, and I should do it,  so today starts a new day. I will try to make sure that LazyLidia doesn’t appear.



3 thoughts on “Statement of intent

      • You are such a sweetie! I don’t know how much longer you will be in the USA, land of the free, home of the brave, but I hope to see you guys there, or here in the new Catalunya, land of bread and tomato, autopistas, and the Holy Montserrat Mountain

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