Dress for success

Right now I am wearing (starting from my feet): My new and black gumboots, black tights, jeans skirt, a red shirt with stars, that  is one of my favorite piaces, and another piece in my top 10 is a black sweater with ladybug bottoms.

It has been raining for a few days, and today is one of this gray days in San Francisco when you need happiness. I think the red color looks good on me, so I decided to wear a red color. Maybe it cheer me up happy.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed with colorful clothes. I think there are fun and happy. Actually during High School I dressed a little different than most of my classmates. In Barcelona, between ’95-2000 there was a ‘special’ fashion along the teenagers. It was called ‘pelaos, bakalas, killos…’, in my opinion was the most terrible fashion in the history. I didn’t dress like that, and the consequence was that they call me ‘the hippy’, but I didn’t want to focus on that…

As I said, I like colorful clothes. I don’t want to look like a rainbow, but I need a spot of color in my dress. Another thing that I like when I buy clothe is spots ans stripes, in general whatever picture is welcome. When I was younger all my pants were striped, all of them! Even though I still love this kind of clothes, now I dress more sobertly. Maybe I got mature… My clouthes are more serious.

In fact, since I started working, the kind of job has been important factor to decide to change, my style, a little bit.

In my first job I worked with children, and obviously wearing new or expensive clothes is not good idea. Actually, I had never woren expensive clothes… Whatever, when you work with children you know which is the best choise: jeans, old and comfortable jerseys, and sport shoes, for sure!!

After several years working with children and teenagers, I started to work with adults, as a teacher. I wanted to look like someone with standards. For this reason I bought some black and gray clothes. There were boring and sad clothes, also it was a mistake. I didn’t feel comfortable. Now that, I had passed for different phases, and finally I feel very good with about style.

If you are still reading, probably you are thinking: Why is she talking about this stupid thing? Well, I have two reasons. First, because I want to practice my English, and if I want to write every week, my creative is not good enough to creativity very interesting things. Second, because today I took a picture for my new passport, and this photo will be with me for 5 years, I need to look great! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dress for success

  1. Jo he pensat moltes vegades que m’encanta el teu estil. L’he pogut veure anar canviant amb els anys i adaptar-se a nous temps i a noves edats, però sempre m’ha agradat. Els tocs de color donen molta vida, certament, jo que anava vestida de negre per imposició laboral corroboro la importància del color per no sucumbir a la tristor del negre. M’hagués agradat una foto del look!!!


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