Still life

For a while I have had a couple of hours for lunch (a totally Spanish schedule), and if the weather is good I go to Patricia’s Park, in Hayes Street. It is a pretty spot. There is a small park, a little place for children, a zone with tables perfect to sit with friends, and small area of grass, an that always looks good.

Next to the park there is an ice cream shop, I have never tried their ice cream, but it must be good, because it is always full, and usually there is a line. If you sit there for a while, you will see several people with ice cream in their hands, it doesn’t matter when, February or August, even if it is raining…

Today the weather was so good. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I have come for a couple months, and now it is necessary in my routine. I love it!

My routine is the following: First, to find a good place where I can eat comfortably, because even though I like this park, I can not understand the kind of benches. As you can see in the picture, they does not look like a place where you can sit for a long time.


They are very uncomfortable, my back needs a place to rest! So, finding a good spot is important, and if I don’t find a bench, a good one, I prefer to sit on the grass. After that I can start to eat.

Menu of the day: Asparagus , mushrooms, and rice. A piece of cheese and some prunes for dessert. Mmmmm, looks good enough to be a bag lunch!

During my lunch I listen to the radio, in fact I listen to Vaughan radio, if you don’t know about it and you want to learn English you should listen to it. It is very good, so do it!

Good weather, good lunch, radio, what else can I ask for? For me these days are perfect, they are ideal for my break during the job.

I need to add another thing that I enjoy. Watching people, hehehe. I think this is one of my favorite sports: to observe people and try to guess what they are thinking about, or what their jobs are, or why they are here. In this way the time goes enjoyably…


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