One more

(I wrote that yesterday)

Today is my birthday/ I turned 29!! Oooh, I am at thirty’s door!

I have to confess something. Yesterday I did not want to celebrate it. I was pretty sad. Well sad is not the right word… I don’t know how to say it. I did not feel as happy as other years.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to do anything special or different for my birthday. I only wanted to speak with my family and my closest friends, and probably go for a good dinner with Adria.

But I have started the day with different thoughts. This morning I woke up and I saw some messages from my friends and my family. Of course by e-mail, Facebook, Watsapp… (Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has had a big contribution in my social live, and “he” makes my distance relationship with my people much easier). Anyway, I have received this kinds of wonderful messages all day and my mood has been changing.

In this exact moment, just before the end of the day, I can say that I feel very happy. I am really happy, and ready to start another year!!!cumple

In this blog I have explained my birthday experiences; once I celebrated it in Nepal, and it was legendary, for example.

Today I want to write because I want to say thank you, and to express my gratitude to my family and my friends. I repeat, but I feel very happy to know how much people are near to my heart.

Because, I am happy I want to use this kind of special day, that is my birthday, to say thank you to all you guys! Among this Y’all (Texas style) are people who love me, and think about me. You know who you are.

Thanksfor share your time and your life with me. Now, there is a huge distance between us, but not even that changes anything. Well, maybe it is not true, and some things have changed, but in my opinion those changes are good, really good, actually. I think now I can appreciate more each time that I can spend with you, and I have learned what is really important in a relationship. Again, thanks for having the patience or learning with me!

Also thanks for encouraging me each time that I needed it, and I will need it. Thanks for the chats in whatsapp or skype (ok I want a commission for this free advertisement) Thanks for sending me a spontaneous song or a picture from your routine. Thanks for listening to me, I know I can speak a lot, and sometimes it is difficult! Really I appreciate your ability to listen, and help me with a wise advice!

I am happy! I feel like a very lucky person. Thank you for allowing me to grow up near you. Thanks for teaching me, inspiring me and overall thank you for loving me!

Aaah, and obviously thank you for sharing with me accomplices smiles!!! See you in limbo 😉

And after this creamy and over-sweetened writing, I am going to bed. Good night. I love you guys!


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