Have you ever thought about having super powers? What kind of power would you prefer? Invisibility would be cool, or maybe super-strength.
I remember when I was a child, when I was 4 or 5 years old. I used to play being Firestar (this is a translation from the Spanish version of Estrella de fuego). If you are close to my age, you should remember the TV show: Spiderman and their friends! Do you?

On the show Spiderman had two friends: Iceman and the Firestar. The man ice powers obviously were to throw ice and snow, and control different cold things. In contrast, the girl, Firestar, had the power to control fire. The three of them together were invincible.
I don’t remember too much from the show, but I have good memories of my friends and I playing during recess. We jumped and ran through the whole playground, screaming and laughing! It was a great, happy life.
I think everybody would like to be a hero. At least everybody has dreamed to have a superpower.
Books, movies, tv shows: all of them show different characters with superpowers. It is a very useful strategy. Create a character with the ability to fly, or read minds and the public will love it! Spiderman, Mystique, Superman, Catwoman, Arrow, Thor, Captain America… their stories are nothing without their power! and are you asking, and Batman?? well, Batman has more of a real power: money, and Alfred of course. Everyone knows that Alfred is the real power, Batman’s secret weapon!
Usually I say that Batman is my favorite superhero because he is the unique superhero that I can aspire to be. I only need to find my particular Alfred!
However, here the discussion is: which power would you prefer to have? I remember when Adrià asked me this for the first time. I said something very superficial, something like superstrength. Now my answer is more complex, and more reflective. After thinking about it I think that I have my definite answer: I want the power to touch people and learn all that they know. I don’t want to steal; I only want to copy their abilities and knowledge. And an important point is that I want to forget when it is not necessary for me anymore. This part is important because everybody knows that too much information can hurt the brain 😉 Yes, this is my ideal superpower. Maybe someday the technology will permit that, like with a chip…. What do you think? what is your power?


3 thoughts on “SuperPower

  1. Having super speed is pretty cool also as long as you can also think extremely fast since, in practice, is like being able to freeze time. Of course, you’d copy my power as son as I told you about it…

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