Do you like traveling? Most people would answer: Sure!! , right? Who could say no??? When someone asks me if I enjoy traveling, I say yes, but I am thinking about a specific kind of travel. Usually people need to travel for work, or you can go two or three days to visit another city near your home, or for example, now that I live in San Francisco I have needed to fly to visit my relatives and friends. Obviously those thing are travel; in my case, visiting my family takes me a looooong trip, but this is not the kind of travel that I want to talk about. Traveling is at least a special trip. Sometimes it is not necessary to go to a foreign country, but for me a good trip is one that changes you a little bit. Successful travel is when you come back home and your thoughts and judgments are different. In my opinion to travel is a very important and deep experience. It is not something that you only want to do for vacations. No, it is something more. Traveling is a way to understand life. For me travel is something that I do out of necessity. We would say that almost all necessities are created. Friends, family, the education system, the media and now social media, all of them build and create a necessity inside us, and finally we consider that there are things that are totally important and essential. We need these things to continue with our regular lives. For me travel is like an addiction, I am pretty sure that I need it…


I think the person who is responsible is my mother. She is guilty of giving me the idea that travel is indispensable in life. Since very early in my childhood she has carried me around the world. Going to different countries she has taught me values like tolerance, solidarity, or respect. With those journeys she has offered me the possibility to know and learn from other cultures. I feel very happy and lucky to have had these experiences. I am who I am because of these trips. they have enriched me as a person. For this reason, I think travel is more than something that you do for fun. it is something more important. Traveling is the chance to take a break, and also take a breath. Traveling offers me a moment to observe and think about my routine and how different it is between that new scenario. It is a possibility to go away and have a new perspective. I think that one special trip could change me a lot, and I love that. I enjoy those kinds of emotions I always want to experience this kind of feeling. In my regular life I need that. To escape and go to another reality where I feel strange and different. Having the opportunity to stop, and watch.


2 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. I didn’t realise this point of view, I mean, I travel for fun but also to discover another cultures and situations but I think I didn’t give me the chance to stop and watch, as you say. I like your point of view!

    PD. M’ha costat escriure en angles eh! Només faig que pensar en francès jaja

    • Clara!! thanks for writing!!! In this moment you are living a great and amazing experience, that it is changing you, for sure! you are growing, and learning a lot! If you feel alone or lost, only stop and watch, and breath! then you will notice that you are going to be fine, everything going to be great!!! petons petitita fraceseta!!!

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