The Land Before Time

Do you remember the movie The Land Before Time? That movie where Littlefoot, a cute apatosaurus, and his friends Cera, Ducky, Spike, and Petrie, si, si siiii! are looking for the Great Valley because his mother was killed by a terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex, totally dramatic.. This movie is one of several examples of how the translation is usually awful. “En busca del Valle encantado” is completely different, even though it does make sense and probably for this reason I am starting this post talking about that movie.

If you remember the movie, besides having cried a lot you must remember the scene where LittleFoot and his friends finally arrive at the Great Valley, don’t you?

As I remember the group of friends arriving, after surviving difficult challenges, they cross mountains and after a few dark moments, in the end of the tunnel The Valley appears!

Well, for me, arriving at Yosemite was kind of the same. Some weeks ago I went to the Yosemite Valley, and I felt the same feeling as Littlefoot. I had arrived at the Great valley!

Picture 814

Months before we made the reservation and after a long time waiting, nervous, the hard job of organizing 12 persons, and finally after hours inside a car we arrive at The Valley. Like Littlefoot,  my friends and I endured a lot of challenges… well, it is not completely true, the suffering wasn’t the same, but obviously, I cannot compare, I am not a dinosaur.

Since I arrived in California I have discovered the nature around the state. The natural parks in the area are what have me impressed and surprised more.

I think it is pretty common that foreigners believe that California is a place to enjoy the beach, to surf, and to skate. Living here I have learned that this is only a small part of the reality; actually, I think it is only real in the south; in San Francisco it is almost impossible to be burned by sun.

California has rich mountains to explore, and probably Yosemite is the most impressive one. As I said before, arriving in the Valley was something incredible. It was like those moments when your mouth starts to emit weird sounds: oooh, OMG, uouooooh, uuuuaaaalaaaah!

Picture 820

We went in May, that I think is a great season, because the falls are full of water and the weather is perfect, not too much cold, not too much hot, just perfect.

Our campground was outside the valley, only at 30 minutes driving. You need to know that it is very difficult to find a spot in Yosemite; you need to make the reservation a long time before, or to be patient and check if there are some cancellation. However, the valley is usually full, and even though I am not a expert, I think sleeping outside the valley is not a drama. Actually our camp was pretty cool. In my opinion, our site was perfect, it was quieter and you don’t feel like a sardine can.

We arrived on Friday at noon, we ate, and we went for a small walk around the falls. Our big hiking plan was on Saturday, but I will explain that at another moment.

Now I would like to highlight that Yosemite is a spectacular place to go, whatever are your conditions, age, or physical shape; Yosemite offers several opportunities for everyone.

If you are not a hiker, don’t worry, you will find different things to do, and for sure you will enjoy the fantastic views. Who has not thought sometime of finding the Great Valley?

Picture 792


One thought on “The Land Before Time

  1. Let me remark the disturbing latin american accent in that movie…piesito…

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