22 days in Alaska

Home, again. I am at home. It is not bad, don’t misinterpret me, I like my home, but after 22 days traveling around Alaska, and previously in Barcelona, it is kind of boring to come back to civilization. After 22 days living in an RV it is strange walking on the street with a lot of people, having more than 5 minutes to take a shower and unlimited water, or wearing flip flops instead of waterproof boots. And, come on!, it is very sophisticated to eat something that was not inside a can.

During the trip it was difficult to find a moment to stop for writing a post. Actually it is not true, it wasn’t difficult, I had time, but I didn’t want to.

First, because it is not easy to find a place with electricity, and that is completely amazing! Most of the time I was in the middle of nowhere, Into the wild (Have you seen the movie?), and obviously that natural scenery offers you a lot of things, but Wi-Fi is not one of them.

And second, I was living one of the biggest adventures that I have ever lived as a traveler. For that reason, I decided not to be worried about posting my experience every day, or during the trip.

I thought that it would be better to come back to the traditional way and write all my thoughts and ideas in a notebook. Writing on paper is always more personal and intimate, don’t you think?

Now with my pages of notes I can explain my trip  very accurately , and I want to share my experience, and tips, and different perspectives about Alaska. But sorry, I won’t reveal all the secrets or thoughts that I have had during the experience. I want to reserve some feelings for myself. It is true that I believe that if you share an experience it is always better, but sometimes it’s good to save some ideas, and keep them unspoken and abstract. It is not necessary to put them in the correct order, in a way that another person needs to read and understand.


Whatever, I continue to be obsessed with improving my English, and explaining a trip is a perfect way to practice and also it’s the way that I enjoy  the most. So, I will do it. Be prepare to read a lot from Alaska, that will be intensive 😉

As I said before, that trip has been something special. It is true that traveling is always interesting and enriching. Also it’s an opportunity to put aside my routine and go to discover places and live new adventures. You know what I think about traveling…

But this trip was something more than usual. It has been kind of “transition trip”. In May, Adria finished and defended his thesis, finally, and well, after 5 years working on that, it his is quite a change, also in our lives, of course!

Later in May, we started our third year in San Francisco too, and well, there were some questions popping up in our minds. “Do we want to spend more time here? Should we go back to Barcelona? To Europe? What kind of work options do we have? Where do we want to live? Where can we live?…” We need time and perspective to think about all of this.

Alaska has been the perfect place to talk about these existential questions. Besides hiking, driving, or seeing spectacular scenes, we have spent a lot of time talking and thinking without distractions. The only input was the magnificent nature. And that context offered us the opportunity to stop and take a breath and the chance to plan our future. Obviously we didn’t answer any of these questions, at least we had the perfect time to reflect about our past and present and figure out our future.

In any case, that experience was amazing, and a great opportunity to connect with nature, between us and with ourselves. And I want to share it with you, enough to hook you up so that you want to go too!


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