Packing, landing and Juanita

Packing the baggage is always complex because you need to consider different aspects: the kind of activities that you will do, how many days, and of course the weather. If this is not enough you need to consider your limited baggage’s space.

Our plan was to spend 22 days in Alaska, and to hike every day or at least every two days. So, even knowing that we would need to go to the laundry, 22 days are many days, and we carried 10 changes of clothes. Mainly because we didn’t want to waste too much time on “laundry day”.

Another issue was the weather. In summer, especially in June, Alaska can be very unpredictable. It is the rainy season and each day is a surprise, each day can be different and we need to be ready for any situation: sun, cold, hot and rain.

In addition, we started our vacation from Barcelona, that is not our current home. Some of our things are still there, but most of them are pictures, books, or things that you don’t use regularly. All our clothes are in San Francisco, so packing was a kind of challenge. We were planning to stay in Barcelona for two weeks (warm weather), but later we were planning to fly to Anchorage (cold and rainy). I thought a lot about that, and finally I prioritized my needs in Alaska. The big consequence of this was that my dressing style during my visit in Barcelona was like… How can I say? mmm, unusual. People and family around me didn’t waste the opportunity to say that San Francisco has changed me. I am not sure if it was always a compliment but, really, I don’t care, my problem was to organize my baggage and my image could be sacrificed.

Well, packing was pretty complex, but we did it! We flew to Anchorage with two big backpacks, and two small ones, in my opinion this was a great success.

Finally, after two amazing weeks in Barcelona, the 5th of June we landed in Anchorage, after 26 hours, 3 planes, delays, and many flight attendants… You can figure out how the trip was , I won’t explain the details, only that it was tiring, tiring, and tiring.

We arrived at 11:30 at night, so we had our first surprise: it was daylight! Yes, we knew that in summer there is the midnight sun, but even though it was a huge surprise, and the best way to forget the long trip. We finished the day by taking a very long shower and going to bed very excited for the next day!


 That “night” we could relax, and we were ready to start our Alaskan  Adventure. The next day, we couldn’t pick up the RV until noon, so  we went for a little walk around Anchorage. We bought some things  that we needed for the trip, like batteries for the head lamps, and  after that we realized: we are in Alaska, midnight sun!! Dummies!!  That was the first useful purchase… Well, you know that when you  are very excited usually your mind is quite dense.

 Finally we were able to pick up the RV. It was the first time that we  rented an RV, and we needed some information about how to use it.  The generator, the propane, the grey and black water… I need to  confess that at that moment I was pretty nervous, and I didn’t pay  attention. I only wanted to start the car and run away! After my  experience, I recommend that you not do like me, and pay  attention. It could avoid some weird, or scatological situation, you  don’t want to know…

So, yes, we had our RV, a new friend that would be with us during the whole trip. The RV would be the most valuable thing, it would be our vehicle, our bed, our refuge, in conclusion it would be our home for the next 20 days. We liked immediately, and we felt that we needed to personalize it. For that reason we started to call her Juanita. She looks like these kind of old women that appear younger that really they are. She had some hits, and dents, but she was in very good shape. Each scratch was like a wrinkle on her face, which shows her experiences and the passing of time. In comparison with others she looked small, but enough for the two of us. She was perfect. And finally we were ready to start. Last check to prove that we have all the stuff, engine on, and let’s go! Next stop… next post 🙂


3 thoughts on “Packing, landing and Juanita

  1. Welcome to Alaska and if it OK I will be traveling with you through your postings and pictures…safe journey!

    • Pete, thanks for following! I was in Alaska last month, it was an amazing experience, I love it. I will share my exoerience, I hope you enjoy the posts 🙂

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