Hello Japan

We landed at Osaka after a very long journey. I am not sure about how many hours we were travelling, but it’s was long! We left Edinburgh around 8:30am on 25th and we landed on 26th at 10am, do the math, so many hours! Finally we were in Japan.

When you land to another country you don’t suffer a big cultural shock. Sometimes you need to leave the airport to realize that you really are in a different region. An airport is an airport, all are basically the same. Japan is not this case. Stepping into the airport is a shock already. Signs are in Japanese obviously, for me impossible to read and understand. I used to travel and for me it’s not difficult to remember new names. Yet, this time it had been difficult. Another issue is the color of the signs, very soft and light. And the draws, ooh boy, the airport was the trailer of many fluffy, floozy…  I don’t know how to say it… Judge yourself. IMG_4395

We had our backpack ready to start this new adventure. Our apartment it was close to Umeda, so we took the metro to get there. As you probably know the public transportation in Japan is very good, specially trains. Who doesn’t know the bullet train Shinkansen?? (If you are planning to visit Japan you should check out JR Pass right now!)

There is an special combination ticket that takes you from the airport to Osaka, even to Kyoto if you stay there. It was easy to get the ticket, the guy from the office offered it to us directly. In general, people don’t speak a very good English, but if you have the names of the places where you go and you are not afraid to do some mimic, you will be fine. People is very nice and helpful. They will do whatever the can to help you.

As I was saying, we took the metro and after almost 1,5 hour later we arrived to the apartment. Actually, I should say the “the box apartment”. It was clean and had a good communication, but it was a very, very small. I lived in San Francisco for 3 years and I have seen small places, this was very tiny!! I would say than smaller than our RV last year in Alaska. For us it was not a big deal, we should had to be there only for a few nights, but after being in different places I can say that there are a lot of places like this and I am very surprise that people could live in a such small box. I am wondering what is the price of it…

The plan was going to the center of Osaka, to visit a little bit. However we were too tired and we decided to eat a snack and take a nap. After that we went to discover the area. The neighborhood was quiet and nice, very peaceful. Nothing like the busy Osaka that was waiting for us…

After the walk we went to dinner. In any other way we ate Ramen!! I found this amazing restaurant in Foursquare. This hole in the wall was a grate experience, starting from line that we did until the moment when our belly was full and ready to explode. If you are visiting the area you should come here, and if you are not in the area, you should come as well!! Note: it opens from 6pm to 12am and Sundays morning.



The jet lag was affecting us and the full belly was a perfect combination to go direct to the bed. So, we finished our day early, feeling that Japan would be a wonderful experience to fill our backpacks of good memories.


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