My 10 top places in NYC

I am not an expert of NY, for sure you would get better recommendations from people that live there. However I have visited NY three times and each time I have had the opportunity to discover new places. Also, each time that I have visited the city it has been for a reunion with people that I hadn’t seen for a while. It is why this city is very special for me and I would like to share some of my favorite places in NY. Some are very well known by everyone, others may surprise you.

The first time I visited New York was in 2008 when my partner was living in Texas and we met in NY. Also, it was my first time in the States, so for many reasons that trip was an extraordinary experience. In that trip, it was when I discovered most of these places. Now I would visit them whenever I have the chance.

1.- Dakota Building and Strawberry Field. Perfect place to enter to the Central Park. A place full of history and always peaceful and great atmosphere.

2.-  Times Square. Completely opposite feeling. Rivers of people, shiny signs and big lights.

3.- Grand Central Station. Emblematic landmark of the city. When you are there you feel like inside a movie.

4.- Chinatown and Little Italy. Very different of the rest of the city and strongly recommended to go for the amazing restaurants there. You will find the best dumplings in Joe’s Shangai.

It was in NY where I met with two of my best friends after moving to San Francisco. In 2013 I was living in the west coast and that summer was a great chance to organize a vacation in NY with my friends. We met in NY, because more or less it is in a half way of San Francisco and my hometown San Joan Despí. It was in this trip where I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and I walked in the High line for the first time.

5.- Brooklyn Bridge. When you are walking across it you realize that is bigger than you thought.

6.- SoHo. Amazing atmosphere. Great place to walk and walk. During the summer you can finish your walk in Washington Park. Perfect place to do a picnic.

7.- Chelsea Market. Mandatory if you are a good foodie.

8.- The High Line. Peaceful and great views. Perfect place to rest after filling your belly with lobster in Chelsea Market.

The winter of 2015 was the third and last time I visited this city. This time I was meeting with another good friend. That was a fast trip, only 4 days that we spent talking, eating cheese cake and drinking tea. This friend of mine lives in the city, however I showed him one of the most amazing and sweet places there:

9.- Dylan’s Candy Bar. Best candy store ever! Shop your souvenirs here, I am sure that your friends and family will appreciate.

10.- FAO. Unfortunately this is not longer opened. Sad news for fans of toys and games. This recommendation is a reminder and some kind of “death notice”.


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