Before the Troll

It could be said the almost all the needs that we have are created. Family, friends, media… everything helps and contribute to build the idea that there are things that we totally need to continue with our live.

On my case, travelling is one of this things and the guilty is my mother, She carries me around the world since I was pretty young. With these trips she thought me important values as solidarity, tolerance and respect. She showed me different realities and several life styles. Thanks to her I have been fortunate to travel a lot. These trips and knowing different cultures enriched me as a person.


Podríem dir que gairabé totes les necessitats ens són creades, amics, família, mitjans de comunicació… tot plegat contribueix a que anem considerant que hi han coses que ens són totalment necesàries per seguir amb la nostra vida!

Una de les meves necessitats vitals és viatjar! i en aquest cas la gran culpable és la meva mare… des de ben petita m’ha dut amunt i avall ensenyant-me valors com la solidaritat, la tolerància i el respecte  a través de mostrar-me diferent realitats. Gràcies a ella he tingut la sort de viatjar molt;  coneixent cultures i maneres de fer diferents que crec que m’han enriquit com a persona.


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